Between 2004 and 2007, I focused on two related series of encaustic on tempered glass panels.  Encaustic paints were made from scratch (beeswax tempered with damar, pigment) in a concentrated form.  A large, modular “heat table” was critical for the application and distribution of the material.  The panels were typically mounted in minimalist brackets (aluminum) without a frame, and suspended off the wall.  This allowed light to move through and around the pieces, imparting a unique luminescence.

The 2nd series dates from the 2005/2006 era, and combines encausic with other materials (glass, copper, aluminum).  The wax works both as colorant and a binder.  These particular pieces often feature dichroic glass (fused and unfused) and other glass components (cane and cullet).

Work began on the first generation of pieces in 2004.  These initial experiments lack many of the multimedia elements of later work, and focus more on the the texture and translucency of the encaustic material.  Techniques for application were intensively studied in this collection, and I acquired a fundamental understanding of the interaction of materials (glass, wax) and their behavior in solid and liquid phases.  The design for the mounting bracket was also refined during this period.

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  1. Hi I just discovered your westibe tonight cruising on the web as we do I love your work! For 20 years I have taught art to kids and adults in lots of mediums (15 years of folk art) and like you have a love for all things hand made. Working in encaustic is new to me. On tomorrows to do list is to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing your work

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