current work

Glass Formulation

I’ve had a long standing desire for a dual-purpose glass for artistic applications, one that is suitable for both blowing and kiln applications with multiple firings of each.  By the end of 2013, I hope to have formulated a batch glass (clear, colorless) for this purpose, and would like to extend into compatible batched colors in 2014.  The cost structure for these products should be substantially less than what is available from commercial sources, and the quality should be both higher and more consistent.  I plan to blog about this process in detail, and may publish the formulation online for others to use.


On the blown-glass front, there are some new colors now available in the vessels.  There are also more vessels available again in established colors and series.  All of the 2013 vessels are shown below.  Also, after a very long hiatus, the oil candles are back.  They last showed at Graystone Gallery (now closed) almost a decade ago.