Glass Formulation Update

I brought the furnace up again in winter of 2016, made a bunch of material for casting (cullet, cane, shard, billet), and finished some additional testing on the batch and color compatibility.  I’ll post some notes about compatibility separately.  In short, its possible to melt batch glass with very little variation in compatibility from batch […]

Diamonds and Slabs

Shopping for a new diamond blade can be difficult due to a lack of specifications and comparative data.  Fortunately, I found a great new blade for my MK-2000 brick saw.  I’ve summarized some observations below. My old Felker TM-2 diamond blade is almost ready to retire, and I decided it was time to get another. […]

Glass Formulation

I have established a formulation for a dual-purpose glass which appears to be great for both blowing and kilnforming applications.  A dual purpose glass will facilitate the complete integration of hot-working techniques in art glass applications.  Spruce Pine 87 shows appreciable devitrification after only a single firing in kiln-casting applications.  Other commercially available batch glasses are marginally […]