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Waterstone Gallery

September 4th – 29th
424 NW 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon
503 226 6196

Barbara Mason, a long-time member of Waterstone Gallery, has invited me to show selected vessels with her new solarplate prints during her show in September.  I’m excited to see her new work and I’m a big fan (and ex-member) of this artist-owned gallery in Portland’s Pearl District.  She’s planning to give a talk in the gallery on September 15th at 11am.

2013 Street of Dreams


determination 1309 reunite 1304 nostalgia 1302 harvest 1307 obscure 1301 reunite 1304 nostalgia 1306

Nicole Copko of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design has invited me to exhibit a selection of glass vessels at The American Dream home from July 27th - August 25th.  The home was built by Westlake Development of Clackamas, Oregon, and features products made in the USA.  The glass vessels will be available for sale during and after the show; please visit shop Chilina on Etsy or feel free to contact me directly.  I feel especially proud to be included as a featured artist in this distinctive and patriotic home.  And thanks to Northwest Natural and all the sponsors for hosting this event somewhere in the Portland Metro area every year.

Visit the events page of my site page for more photos and information; a few of my favorite pieces are included below.